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Frat House Fry Sauce Mix (regular and habanero)   

Frat House Habanero Fry Sauce Mix isn't for those with sensitive tongues. Your tongue gets spanked as it gets initiated into the Frat House with the smooth and spicy flavors. Just mix with mayo and water. The mix is simple and allows you to easily keep sauce on hand (1 jar makes up to 2 quarts of fry sauce.). Use it on everything! Goes great with all fried foods, quesadillas, burgers and anything else you can think of. The spicy and rich flavors help accent nearly any food. The strong tomato and habanero flavors are accented by the light garlic and worcestershire accents. We sell it in big bottles because once you taste it you will want to keep it readily available!.




Season anything and everything with this unique seasoning. Great on steaks, potatoes, chicken, salads, pastas and noodles, veggies and anything else you could possibly think of. One touch to the tongue and your taste buds will be jumping with excitement. Hints of different herbs, spices and a little extra kick of heat, without being too spicy. It's packed with flavor. Try it and you will want it on everything!

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