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Make The Most of Your Bloody Experience
BuffaloGood Hot Wing Mix
(Shake N Grill)

Take frozen wings (thaw first) or fresh wings and pat dry with paper towels. Make sure they are dry. Put some seasoning in a brown paper sack (we are kicking it up old school), drop in two to four wings at a time, close bag and shake the wings. When you have finished shaking up all your wings put the BBQ on medium or smoker at 350 – GRILL AWAY!! If you are using your oven set at 375° Eat and enjoy!
Fry Sauce Mix Recipe
(Mix with Mayo and Enjoy)
Put 3/4 cup mayonnaise in our sqeeze bottle; add 1 scoop of  seasoning and 1 scoop of water.  Shake well!  Dip your favorite fries and smile!
Bloody Mary Mix Instructions 
Add a half a cap or one teaspoon of spice to an 16oz. glass; add vodka, stir and let sit for a couple of minutes. Add ice and tomato juice, and clamato juice if you like. Drink and enjoy!
Salad Dressing Mix Recipies (Salads, Chip and Veggie Dip)
Use your favorite salad dressing (ours is Litehouse Blue Cheese and Ranch) add some of our seasoning to your dressing and just stir. It will make a terrific addition to a chicken salad (it makes it a buffalo chicken salad). Use with vegetables, crackers or chips.

BloodyFine Season All
(Broiled Potato Slices, Quesadillas, Eggs, Burgers,Fried Potatoes, Cottage Cheese, as you can see you can add it to anything - we love it!)


Cut up potatoes (in wedges or in ) put in a gallon bag, add olive oil and our fry seasoning, shake up potatoes and put on a cookie sheet. Cook at 425 to 450 degrees until desired doneness.
Late night quesadillas are a must with this seasoning. Put cheese on tortilla then add our seasoning - bake in oven – dip in salad dressing with our seasoning! Yummy! Can’t get any better than this!!!
 Cocktail Sauce Add 1/3 cup ketchup to a small bowl, add one teaspoon "bloody spicy" bloody mary mix and 1/2 teaspoon horseradish - stir and serve with shrimp. Best cocktail sauce you'll ever taste.


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