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Company Overview

When BloodyFine founders, Kory and Michelle Pukash, originally came up with the concept of developing flavorful and convenient foods, their vision was based upon creating a new savory and easy to use Bloody Mary mix. As they worked to architect a Bloody Mary recipe that the nation would enjoy, they discovered that there were many other opportunities for BloodyFine to bring products to the food and beverage market. They have currently expanded into Hot Wing mixes that are designed to allow for the everyday barbequer to grill up a fabulous, better than restaurant, quality hot wing. The BloodyFine Frat-House fry sauce mix is the most unique product to enter the dry mix industry in many years. Frat-House is designed to reach the market that loves to dip their french fries in a sauce, but usually doesn't have on-hand all of the ingredients to make a quality sauce. These products are the foundation of the BloodyFine brand and will allow the company to constantly differentiate itself from its competitors.

Since the founding of our company in 2010, our goal has been to continually develop new recipes that incorporate convenience for the consumer while providing desirable flavors, establish unique opportunities to our sales representatives for new product placements and utilize technology in a manner that not only assists the consumer, but also enhances the efficiency of BloodyFine.
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